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SCC develops affordable rental and ownership units and commercial space in Somerville to maintain and strengthen the socioeconomic diversity of the City. We have developed, own, and operate more than 330 units of rental housing, more than 20 affordable condominiums, and multiple commercial spaces for local business. We collaborate with the City, the Commonwealth, for-profit and nonprofit developers, lenders and funders to fight displacement and keep Somerville affordable and accessible to all.

The First Source Jobs Program helps local job seekers gain the skills and training they need to establish a career pathway resulting in good jobs, career growth, and economic resiliency, while providing employers with qualified, local job candidates. We work to advance economic opportunity for residents and workers most at risk of displacement and marginalization in Somerville and Boston’s metro north region. We help job seekers identify and overcome barriers to employment, support job readiness skill development, get and keep a job, build social capital and peer support, and become leaders in the community.

SCC’s financial literacy and economic opportunity programming work to counter years of unjust economic policies by helping people build wealth and find financial stability. Our First Time Homebuyer classes help people better understand the often intimidating process of saving for and purchasing a home, as well as how to access programs that can make doing so more accessible. Our Financial Literacy classes help people learn how to save, decrease debt, understand credit and banking, budget and achieve their financial goals. Our Digital Literacy classes help people have little or limited computer skills which will help them to thrive in a world that is becoming more and more technologically based. This work is critical to realizing sustainable equity in the City of Somerville.

I never considered myself financially or knowledgeable enough to pursue owning a home for myself, but through the course, and the team SCC assembled to talk to us, I have started the process of buying a home. The SCC team’s honesty and openness in cultivating a class where participants felt comfortable asking any questions was welcomed and provided a more in-depth understanding of the home buying options in Massachusetts. I look forward to updating you on my progress, and am forever grateful.

We at East Cambridge Savings Bank and our Charitable Foundation support Somerville Community Corporation (SCC) in their efforts to sustain affordable housing and maintain social equality in the City of Somerville. SCC recognizes the importance of maintaining the City’s cultural diversity and works diligently to preserve it for future generations. The dedication and enthusiasm of the staff at SCC is evident in the accomplishments of the organization. It is imperative that the SCC receive financial support from community leaders so that it may continue with its very important work.”

Gilda Nogueira

“People in Somerville are not able to afford rent and are afraid of getting evicted, and it is important that we as a community keep it front of mind.”

Stephanie Richardson
Learn the story of SCC - watch the mini documentary:

Members of the community in Somerville, MA come together for an illuminated walk to bring attention to gentrification and housing affordability in East Somerville. Produced in collaboration with the Somerville Community Corporation and Mister Francis. Written, directed, and edited by Andrew Eldridge. Produced by Elizabeth Eldridge, Andrew Eldridge.

For tenants of the 100 Homes program, if you are in need of an urgent repair please call 1-617-410-9915. For life-threatening or other emergencies please call 911.

Somerville sits on the original homelands of the Massachusett, Wampanoag, Naumkeag, and Nipmuc tribal nations. We acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory, and we honor and respect the many diverse Indigenous peoples still connected to this land on which we live and work.

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