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SCC Computer Lab Programs

Our  Digital Literacy Classes are basic computer classes designed to meet students at the very basics of computer skills and leave them confident in their ability to use computers in day-to-day life and work.

Our Drop-In Computer Lab are designated hours for students to use the computer lab for projects like resume writing, job searches, self-guided studies, and more. All of our classes can also be taken self-guided if our teaching schedule does not match your needs.

Digital Literacy Classes

These classes are a great option for learners who are just starting to learn how to use computers. You may need to start from scratch—learning how to turn on and control the computer—or maybe want to master basic software like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Digital Literacy Classes are small group classes led by an instructor. During intake you will have the opportunity to indicate your current level of comfort with computers, and what classes interest you. From there we will work with you to find a class that suits your needs. Please see a complete list of our current class offerings below.

Class List

  • Computer Basics
    Learn about different types of computers, how to turn them on, control the mouse, keyboard, and basic navigation.
  • Internet Basics
    Learn how to connect to, use, and stay safe on the internet.
  • Email
    Learn how to create an account, send and receive emails, manage email safety, and write professional emails.
  • Operating Systems
    Learn the two most common operating systems, Windows and Mac OS. Understand what they are, how to navigate them, and stay organized.
  • Essential Software Skills
    Learn essential skills in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as Google Docs.
  • Social Media
    Learn how to create and edit social media accounts, manage posts, and stay safe on social media.
  • Information Literacy
    Learn how to do effective research online, including evaluating websites for trustworthiness and accuracy.
  • Career Search Skills
    Learn how to search for jobs, prepare an application, apply for, interview for, and follow up for a job.
  • Your Digital Footprint
    Learn what a digital footprint is, how to prevent unintended digital footprints, create an online identity, and the potential consequences of a digital footprint.
  • Distance Learning
    Learn how to navigate online learning for yourself or family.
  • Telehealth
    Learn how to navigate telehealth for yourself or family

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Drop-In Computer Lab

The Drop-In Computer Lab is a chance for you to work on projects like resume building, job applications, Language studies, online classes, and more. Drop-In Computer Lab is designed to be mostly self-guided, but there will be a facilitator on site to help you with any bumps in the road, orient you to the computer lab, and help you find free or low-cost online trainings where possible.

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For more information, please contact Cai Cronin at 617-410-9919 or

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