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We’re almost to our Fundraising Goal!! Help us reach the Stars!!

 A Letter from our Challenge Match Donor:

Back in December 2015, I read an article in the Boston Globe about the new Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) and how donations were tax deductible while also benefitting local community agencies like SCC. CITC allows donors to get a 50% refund for eligible donations from the Commonwealth. Any donor can get this refund: individuals, businesses, non-profits, even folks who live out of state! And now that the federal tax laws have changed, this may be the only way some donors can give back to the community and still see a tax benefit.

Being a Somerville resident, I happily support the Somerville Community Corporation. Established in 1969, SCC is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to helping secure homes and good jobs for Somerville’s most vulnerable residents. Somerville sits at the vanguard of the fight against gentrification in Greater Boston, and SCC’s “development without displacement” agenda is crucial in helping to make sure all our neighbors can thrive. While many of their programs directly assist people at many levels of economic well-being, SCC organizes, encourages, and helps the residents and workers of Somerville to help themselves. This is what real, sustainable impact and empowerment look like.

I have been donating to SCC ever since because I know that my donation helps fellow Somerville residents through SCC’s initiatives. And the tax credit is a great bonus! Their First Source program helps hundreds of residents find good, local jobs through one-on-one coaching. Through their 100 Homes program, they buy real housing units at market rate, taking them permanently off the speculative market, and move families in need into those new homes.  

So as family and friends visit, toasts are made to good cheer, and gifts are wrapped, we must remember to support the excellent work that non-profits provide to our communities.

This year, SCC is celebrating their 50th anniversary, and I was motivated to provide a greater gift than I normally do to show my support. I provided a challenge grant of $50K to encourage everyone to contribute! If you’re a new donor, this means your generosity will effectively be quadrupled – your initial gift will be doubled and you’ll receive half back in tax credits, so SCC will receive 4x what you give.

Nonprofits often tell their donors “we couldn’t do it without you,” but I feel this is backwards. In truth, it is we, the community, who cannot move towards equity, diversity, and inclusion without the tireless and dedicated work of our community organizations. Please support SCC’s important work this year.

Donate Today

Thank you.

Learn the story of SCC - watch the mini documentary:

Members of the community in Somerville, MA come together for an illuminated walk to bring attention to gentrification and housing affordability in East Somerville. Produced in collaboration with the Somerville Community Corporation and Mister Francis. Written, directed, and edited by Andrew Eldridge. Produced by Elizabeth Eldridge, Andrew Eldridge.

For tenants of the 100 Homes program, if you are in need of an urgent repair please call 1-617-410-9915. For life-threatening or other emergencies please call 911.

Somerville sits on the original homelands of the Massachusett, Wampanoag, Naumkeag, and Nipmuc tribal nations. We acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory, and we honor and respect the many diverse Indigenous peoples still connected to this land on which we live and work.

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