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Digital Fabrication Technical Specialist – Harvard Graduate School of Design

Position Description:
Job Summary :
Serves with a small team in a busy, complex, well-equipped graduate school digital fabrication facility (the ‘Fabrication Lab’, or ‘Lab’), assisting hundreds of students and faculty with fabrication, research, architectural model-making, and construction, utilizing a wide range of materials, methods, digitally controlled equipment and software. The GSD Fabrication Lab promotes and strives to develop a self-sufficient community of engaged student and faculty users, and self-service equipment operation; some Lab facilities may at times operate as a staff-run service. This is a 6-month Term position expected to end on June 30, 2024. The hours for the position will be 25/week with occasional overtime required during peak periods. The schedule will fluctuate from Sunday through Wednesday: Sundays, 12pm – 8pm, and Monday-Wednesday, 2pm-8pm. The specifics of the schedule will be worked out with the hiring manager.

Position Description :
In coordination with other Fabrication Lab staff, responsible for safe, inclusive, educational, and efficient operations of conventional and digital fabrication tools, including related software, programming, and process visualization;
Provides training, assistance, consultation, and technical and safety oversight to individuals and groups, in support of class work and individual and group research and fabrication projects;
Assists in the preparation of printed, online, and video documentation of tools, materials, methods, policies and procedures relevant to safety training and workshops; Collaborates on the development and implementation of training, workshops, and operating procedures; Continuously engaged in on-the-job training with numerous (30+) lab assistants;
Researches and makes recommendations for appropriate digital and conventional fabrication hardware, tools, applications, and materials; Assists in the installation, configuration, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of fabrication tools and equipment;
Works with vendors, internal and outside technicians, and consultants as required;
Regularly maintains records associated with facility usage, equipment and space maintenance, and fabrication services fulfillment;
May be assigned special tasks related to development and maintenance of online documentation and presence, online training, online collaboration tools, and fabrication services fulfillment applications, as determined by Supervisor;

This position will work directly with student employees in the Lab, supervising their progress in developing skills needed for the job as well as their interaction with student users, both in-person and through online collaboration tools and job queue. This position will not independently make hiring decisions nor be responsible for disciplinary action related to the supervision of others. As necessary, this position will report any issues related to personnel to their own Supervisor.

Basic Qualifications :
Bachelor’s degree required and 5+ years relevant experience. Theoretical and practical knowledge of fabrication tools, processes, and related materials, technologies, techniques, software, and programming. Experience providing support to multiple technical assistants and individual users, including providing workshop and safety training. Understanding and tolerance of diversity in a multicultural collective enterprise.

Additional Qualifications and Skills :
Experience providing fabrication and safety instruction; excellent organizational and communications skills (verbal, written, graphic, and video). Prior experience in academic fabrication facility a plus.

Harvard University views equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging as the pathway to achieving inclusive excellence and fostering a campus culture where everyone can thrive. We strive to create a community that draws upon the widest possible pool of talent to unify excellence and diversity while fully embracing individuals from varied backgrounds, cultures, races, identities, life experiences, perspectives, beliefs, and values.

The health of our workforce is a priority for Harvard University. With that in mind, we strongly encourage all employees to be up-to-date on CDC-recommended vaccines.

[Part-Time (Hourly)] Hourly Rate: 38-45

Schedule Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
Physical Requirements :
The equipment used in this facility is highly specialized and many pieces require safety precautions including PPE because of hazardous materials, electrical and mechanical hazards, high temperature, and sharp objects. Some lifting and handling of heavy materials is required.

Working Conditions :
Work is performed primarily in a fabrication facility, with its inherent hazards. Some remote work may be appropriate depending on assigned projects.
Level of English Required: Advanced/Fluent

How to Apply:

Apply Online

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