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We are so grateful for your support, thank you!

Support SCC in the following ways, and help build a Somerville for everyone.

Your generosity brings the kind of social impact that will ripple for years to come.

Your investment will help:

  • Add and preserve more high quality affordable homes for Somerville families
  • Connect local job seekers to a sustainable career path
  • Fight income inequality by helping people learn how to save and build wealth
  • Promote social policies that support our equity agenda.

Make your donation online with GiveLively. It is quick, easy and secure. You may also send a check. All donations are tax-deductible. And consider becoming a monthly sustainer!

How to Give? 

Send your check (payable to Somerville Community Corporation) to SCC: 337 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA 02143.

To donate online: Click here to go to SCC’s GiveLively donation form.

Interested in leveraging your donation while getting a significant tax break? Consider contributing to SCC’s Social Equity Campaign and the Community Investment Tax Credit program. Give at least $1,000  and get 50% back as a tax refund from your state taxes, It’s a powerful way to double your impact!

How to Give? 

Send a check (payable to Somerville Community Corporation) to SCC: 337 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA 02143. Also, send an email to Lizzie Devane at, so we can connect you with the state online form to claim your credit.

Click here to give online. Make sure to choose SCC Social Equity Campaign/CITC as your designation, and be sure to include your name and address on this form.

Conheça a história do SCC - assista ao minidocumentário:

Membros da comunidade em Somerville, MA se reúnem para uma caminhada iluminada para chamar a atenção para a gentrificação e a acessibilidade de moradias em East Somerville. Produzido em colaboração com a Somerville Community Corporation e Mister Francis. ESCRITO, DIRIGIDO E EDITADO POR Andrew Eldridge. PRODUZIDO POR Elizabeth Eldridge, Andrew Eldridge.

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Somerville fica na terra natal original das nações tribais Massachusett, Wampanoag, Naumkeag e Nipmuc. Reconhecemos a dolorosa história de genocídio e remoção forçada deste território e honramos e respeitamos os diversos povos indígenas ainda ligados a esta terra em que vivemos e trabalhamos.

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