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Everyone can benefit from learning new strategies for smarter saving and spending. SCC’s Financial Literacy classes, the only such classes offered in Somerville, are designed to help you develop effective personal finance practices and build your assets. Our classes help you:

  • Set realistic, achievable goals.
  • Devise a spending plan/budget that guides spending choices and is relevant to personal experiences.
  • Develop strategies for smart saving and spending.
  • Use credit wisely. Know your credit score and how it affects your asset-building power.

Program open to anyone who lives, works, or studies in Somerville. Financially eligible participants also earn a stipend upon completing all classes.

We now offer a dual language Spanish & English course taught using interpretation headsets and interpreters.

Bringing Financial Literacy to the Community

Somerville for Access to Financial Education (SAFE)

SCC’s SAFE program seeks to provide Somerville residents – recent immigrants and U.S.-born individuals alike – with the necessary knowledge to navigate their financial lives effectively and successfully. The topics covered are vital to the economic well-being of all people but of most importance to low-income individuals and families. They are more vulnerable to economic instability.

Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences (SCALE)

SCALE is an active SAFE partner. Many SCALE students have employment and family responsibilities that prevent them from being able to take time out of their busy schedules to attend financial education classes. To deal with this difficulty, we work collaboratively with their Adult Diploma Program staff and students to help them accomplish their Financial Literacy goals.

Financial Literacy Class Schedule

Upcoming Class Dates

Stay tuned for the 2021 Financial Literacy class schedule.  All classes require preregistration. Contact Janine Lotti, asset building specialist, via email. or call her at 617.410.9906 for more information.

You May Be Eligible …

Also note that financially eligible individuals may receive a stipend upon completion.

Requirements: Participants must:

  1. Live, work or study in Somerville.
  2. Attend all seven class sessions, as well as two counseling sessions with SCC staff.
  3. Qualify under the following income guidelines.
  • 1 Person Household, $47,150
  • 2 Person Household, $53,900
  • 3 Person Household, $60,650
  • 4 Person Household, $67,350
  • 5 Person Household, $72,750
  • 6 Person Household, $78,150
  • 7 Person Household, $83,550
  • 8 Person Household, $88,950

Check out and share the #succeedtogetherscc video that examines how one man found — and you can find — financial stability in a world increasingly marred by escalating inequality.

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